Courses and Examinations


Courses and Examinations


The School of Architecture offers a wide range of degree programmes - bachelor's of 3 years and master's of 2 years- in the  three campuses located in Florence (Architecture and Landscape Architecture) , Calenzano (Design) and Empoli (Urban Planning) depeding on the subject areas. Exchange students are allowed to take courses offered in any campus at any level of study, in accordance with their home institution. In any case we highly reccommend to check carefully the course catalogue and the contents listed under the "contenuti del corso" section before making the decisions.


  • Degree programmes offered and courses contents - At this webpage you could find the degree programmes offered at our School, please browse through it selecting the year of interest, clicking on the subject, and on "contenuti del corso" to see the contents (credits, references and so on). Please note that some degree progammes are not held in Florence, but in Calenzano and Empoli.


  • Courses in english - Almost all of the degree programmes are held in italian language except of the International Curriculum in Architectural Design (Master's Degree in Architecture - Florence Campus) which is entirely taught in english. In addition to this pprogramme each year we offer some thematic seminars (listed in the online system as APPROFONDIMENTO: SEMINARIO TEMATICO) with different topics; please note that these courses do not release a mark (just passed or failed) and have different credits depending on the workload.


  • Academic calendar - The academic calendar is available online every year at the end of July; please check this page regularly (under the section "Calendario didattico");


  • Courses timetable - The update timetable of the courses will be communicated by the end of July (for the first semester) and by the end of December (for the second semester); please check this page regularly (under the section "orario delle lezioni")


  • Examination session and registration - In each term, after the end of the classes, you have the possibility to take the examination. Examinations are usually held in some specific weeks of the year, accordingly with the teaching calendar (usually January-February and June-July). In order to take the exam you have to register to the "appello" through the online system SOL.UNIFI using your credentials


  • Online services: some of the lecturers may upload teaching material on the  Moodle system, an e-learning online platform in which you can sign up to the courses and receive the documenation uploaded by the instructor.


Please note also that:

  1. Courses NOT available for Exchange Students are  “Conoscenza lingua straniera” or “Ulteriori conoscenze linguistiche” and “Prova finale di laurea
  1. The Italian Language Course offered by Centro Linguistico di Ateneo - CLA is not an academic exam and does not provide ECTS credits or mark, so it cannot be added to your Learning Agreement and it won't appear in your final transcript of records;
  1.  Exchange students can choose exceptionally courses s from just another one school (e.g.: Scuola di scienze politiche, Scuola di economia e management, etc.…) but they must not overcome the 40% of the total number of courses selected in the learning agreement.
  1. Once filling in your Study plan form  please remember to include the alphanumerical codes (ex. Course: RESTAURO, code B016699), so that it is easier to register you once all the pre-enrolment procedure is completed. Usually we recommend getting maximum 30 ECTS for 1 semester and maximum 60 ECTS for full year exchange.


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