Study plan changes and other issues

  • Study plan changes: After starting classes, you may change the courses that do not suit you, but remember that you are allowed to make adjustements to the original study plan just one time per semester. Therefore, we advise you not to make changes immediately. 

 Change deadlines:
1st semester:       31st October
2nd semester:      31st March      

         Here is the procedure for changing your classes:

  1. Ask the change form to the International Relations Office 
  2. Fill in the form with the correct exam codes and make it signed and stamped by your home university
  3. Send the form to the Architecture International Office or bring it personally during the office hours
  4. The International Relations Office  will approve it and will send it to the Erasmus Desk at Novoli, that will update your study plan in the online system.

Please note that in order to successfully complete the change of your study plan, you have to use OUR form and following our procedure. If your home university needs the same procedure, we will be glad to sign also the document provided by your Home Institution but this cannot replace ours.


  •  Extending your mobility period - The student can ask for an extension of the study period within one month before the end of his/her Erasmus. The extension can be up to a period of a total of 12 months but remind that you have to finish your mobility period by 30th of September. Here is the procedure for extending your mobility: 
  1. Contact the International Relations Office with your request
  2. Send the letter provided to your home university exchange coordinator, asking to sign it (scan version is ok)
  3. Return the letter to the Architecture International Relations Office, that will forward it to the Erasmus Desk in Novoli in order to update the online system 


  • Prior to departure - Before going back to your home university please note that:

1.   The student has to return the “libretto universitario” to the Novoli Office. Please consider that the day you return your Libretto at the Office is the official end of your Erasmus+ mobility. Students have to return the libretto before the end of the Erasmus mobility indicated in the libretto.

2.   Novoli Office provides the student with an official Confirmation of Stay and sends the official Transcript of Records by ordinary mail directly to the Home University.

3.   If the student wants a copy of the Transcript of Records before leaving, please be aware that you must pay a fee of €16, buying a so called “Marca da Bollo” (available in tobacco shops) and giving it to the officer.

4.   If the Home University requires a particular form attesting departure (Certificate of Stay), the student can come to the International Relations Office only after he/she have returned his/her Libretto. Bring the papers received by the Novoli and we will be able to sign it.

5.   Make sure to hand in all your library books before you leave Florence. If you forget to do this, you will receive a fine.

Please note: that it is not possible to send any original document to students or to Partner University after the end of the exchange period. In order to avoid inconveniences, we ask students to collect all the needed documentation before leaving.


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